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Nova Scotia

Nickname: Ron is bad enough

Star Sign: The best one of course - Gemini

Hobbies: Making music, sleeping, Karate, Sleeping, Watching TV, and sleeping

Previous Horrible Jobs: Job centre once sent me to an actual dump to lift the rubbish the tractor couldn't reach...seriously. The smell was horrendous as you could imagine. I Lasted 5 minutes. 

Big Break: Having my tracks played on the GBX show is probably the biggest thing...so far...

Most Annoying Habit: Being sarcastic at inapporpriate moments

Favourite Song: Whichever song I have just finished in the studio 

Least Favourite Song: The song I have just finished in the studio once I give it to people

Favourite TV Show: Battlestar Galactia...so say we all. 

Best Place You’ve Played At: Stereofunk festival Scotland 

Embarrassing Moment: Any time I call people the wrong name to their face... which happens all the time 

Most Memorable Moment: I can't remember

Best DJ You Have Warmed Up For: Darren fkn Styles 

How Would You Like To Be Remembered: With an annual pilgrimage 

Best Chat-up Line: Have you heard of Nova Scotia?? it's usually followed by no....but maybe one day

Give 5 Words That Most Describes You: Lazy X 5

If I was invisible for a day, I would: Not go into the womens changing rooms...but then how would you know??

What got you into Radio: People keep saying I have the face for it

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