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David Ashe

Nickname: ASHEY

Star Sign: LEO

Hobbies: Photography, Dancing, playing musical instruments and producing music

Previous Horrible Jobs: Working in a bakery, up too early, was always tired, horrible job, wouldn't do it again if they paid me double lol

Big Break: 2012 Movida Corona DJ Competition I came 1st in Northern Ireland, I also came 3rd in the UK at Ministry of Sound in London.

Most Annoying Habit: Doing Spider hands, literally do this every day when I concentrate and people hate it.

Favourite Song: At the moment Meduza Remix of Bad Habits with Ed Sheerans Vocals Least

Favourite Song: Fastfood Rockers, - Pizza Song lol

Favourite TV Show: Too Hot Too Handle

Best Place You’ve Played At: BCM Planet Dance Mallorca / Magaluf

Embarrassing Moment: Chucked off a boat while DJing with the microphone still in my hand Most

Memorable Moment: Playing a remix of Chasing Cars and Just Say Yes, for Gary Lightbody and Nadine Coyle both dancing to it.

Best DJ You Have Warmed Up For: Reuben Keeney (REBUKE)

How Would You Like To Be Remembered: Big Smiles and Great Music

Best Chat-up Line: Come to mine I'll teach you how to DJ and show you my main moves

Give 5 Words That Most Describes You: 

Energetic, Happy, Fantastic, Funny, Proud

Celebrity You Most Look Like: 

Rick Moranis

If I Was Invisible For A Day, I Would: 

Grab as much money as I could LOL

What Got You Into Radio: Over the years I have did guest mixes for Q Radio for nights, and when I was in high school I wanted to be a radio presenter, I love sharing great music with people, so it's a passion of mine to share my music knowledge with the world.

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